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Black and grey roses shoulder tattoo

black and grey roses on shoulder tattoo

Tattoo by Craig

Two soft black and grey roses tattoos flowing down the front of Joanne’s shoulder.

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8 responses to “Black and grey roses shoulder tattoo”

  1. hi, im tryin to find the perfect roses tattoo and i think this is it! (Two soft black and grey roses tattoos flowing down the front of Joanneā€™s shoulder done by craig.) how can i get this picture?i live in the u.s……

  2. This tattoo was custom designed and drawn on freehand, so we don’t have a design we can send you.

    A decent tattooist should be able to design you something similar, though.

  3. Hi, just wanted to stop in and say hi, I love the piece! I’m pinning it, I hope that’s ok :)

  4. Beautiful tattoo..

  5. Beautiful rose tattoo… would definitely put this on my left shoulder.

  6. Hello;) any chance for an appointment?
    B&W tattoo medium size, flowers
    Thank you m

  7. Definitely, Michaela.

    Either call us on 01202 738290 or call into the studio.

  8. How,much did u pay for this :)