Now you can have perfect makeup, every day

Yes, it’s true.

Because we now offer semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos.

These are done by our professional beauty therapist, Paula.

The procedure is quick, safe and painless…

… and the results last up to 2 years.

So imagine…

  • No more time-consuming daily makeup routine.
  • No more buying expensive cosmetics.
  • No more harsh makeup remover.
  • No more lugging junk around in your handbag.
  • And no more rushing to get your face on in the morning.

Just wake up looking fabulous – every single day.

Enhance your natural beauty

If you think perfect makeup is reserved for celebrities and models…

… then think again, because Paula can:

  • Improve your facial symmetry and balance.
  • Give your eyes a lift and make them look bigger.
  • Make your eyelashes look thicker and darker.
  • Make your lips look more defined and fuller.
  • And give you a more youthful appearance.

Net result? You’ll look fabulous – all day, every day.

And you’ll never have to put makeup on, ever again.

Ready to look sensational?

Cosmetic tattooing is only available two days a month, so spaces are limited.

Call 01202 738 290 to book your appointment today.

P.S. Imagine how much time, money and hassle you’re gonna save over the next few years because you never have to put makeup on.